Mare Santo

Naročnik Mare Santo
Leto 2018/2019

Born in the green hills of Collio.

The grapes ripen on the green hills of Goriška Brda, where warm Mediterranean air and cold Alpine wind mix. They both caress and lash the grapes, which is how it acquires its distinctive flavour.

Mare Santo

Hardened in the deep blue Adriatic.

In Slovenia, the saying goes that the sea heals all wounds. It draws a different motif on each submerged bottle. The wine in the bottles acquires unique and noble taste and colour in the process. The colour varies from light yellow with green reflections, with our Brut, to gently pink with violet reflections, which is characteristic of our Rosé.

The grapes are harvested manually from Goriška Brda. They are the best that Brda can offer. Tasting MARE SANTO, you embark on an unforgettable journey, experiencing the exquisite, beautifully orchestrated taste of a one of a kind sparkling wine. The constant light, temperature and pressure as well as the ceaseless movement of the sea make this wine a true delight, and each sip the rarest of pleasures.

Selected for people with taste.

Mare Santo

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